No Drones at Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival

A friendly reminder that photography and recreational drones are banned along the Lakeshore Boulevard Parade route and at other 2017 Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival events. In past years,  Mas bands have used drones to record their Grand Parade presentation. Last year a drone belonging to a TV show crashed near the parade route. Fortunately, no spectators were hurt.

With a new Canadian law now in place, we are reminding all Carnival media, participants, tourists and spectators that the Federal Government has outlawed photography/recreational drones flying within 9kms of the island airport (and every other airport in Canada). The law also prohibits flying drones over groups of people. Bottom line, leave the drone at home!  

Here’s a look at the new regulations.

  • Recreational drone operators must mark their drone with their contact information and forbid their use at night or in cloudy conditions.
  • Drones will no longer be allowed to fly higher than 90 metres, within 75 metres of any buildings, vehicles or people, or within nine kilometres of any airport.
  • It is illegal to fly a drone in controlled or restricted airspace, or within nine kilometres of a forest fire, over an emergency site where police or first responders are involved, or over an open-air area where people are gathered.
  • Any individual violating the new rules could be subject to a fine of up to $3,000, and up to $15,000 for corporations (including media outlets).